Introduction to the 2020 UMW Bible Study

Posted on September 1, 2020.

Spiritual Growth Coordinator     August 2020 IAND        Norma Link-Boughman

DEAR SISTERS IN CHRIST: Hello ladies. You have been in my thoughts and prayers daily as COVID 19 and continued escalation of racism has erupted in our towns, cities, and nationwide. Most of you have expressed concerns for safety leaving your homes and are unsure of when is the right time to resume the new norm in the world today. 

Your 2020 Tuscarawas District UMW Officers have decided to offer a Bible study to assist your units to reach out to one another. This format is meant to be SHARED in your units, in small groups, and outside the church walls with family members, neighbors, and friends. It is also formatted for individuals to do at their own time and pace.

I have been doing a Bible Study called “REVEALED” this summer offered by a pastoral mentor of mine via email. This study has been very insightful, and it would be beneficial for our UMW groups in terms of Spiritual Growth during these uncertain times. 

This study will be provided weekly from Thursday, September 3rd, 2020 through September 24th, 2020. I will be emailing the various UMCS that have active UMW groups/units so they can reach out to the UMW members regarding this upcoming program.

For more details please email me @ or call me at 330-833-9517 (new home number).

May peace be with each of you daily!

For questions, comments, concerns, or for more information regarding this program or the lessons themselves, please send an email to Norma Link-Boughman at