Note from the Board of Mt. Tabor

Posted on March 21, 2020.

A note from the board of Mt. Tabor:


We are living in a very trying time.  The COVID-19 virus has changed our everyday life for the foreseeable future.  Every day, we hear about more changes from President Trump or Governor DeWine.  For us at Mt. Tabor, we are faced with many uncertainties.  Let me start with a note from Bishop Tracy S. Malone and the Cabinet:


“We strongly urge all of our United Methodist churches to suspend in-person worship until we hear that it is safe to gather again. All in-person meetings at the Conference and district levels are either postponed or being held virtually until we hear that it is safe to gather again. We strongly urge churches to do the same.”


With this information, we have decided to close the church and restrict access to the pastor, administrator and a few select others.  The board is meeting weekly, by conference call, to address issues as they arise.  Pastor Clark & Mark Kandel are trying to host a “conference call” worship service on March 29....details to follow as it’s a process in the works.


Now for the hard facts…with no services being held on Sundays, Mt. Tabor’s tithes & offerings have, and may continue to, decline.  Mt. Tabor still has its financial obligations that must be paid, such as payroll & benefits, utility bills, apportionments, and others.  The average cost per week of these obligations is over $2,000.  As Charlotte stated in her Money Matters article, please help Mt. Tabor meet its obligations by mailing in your tithes and offerings during these uncertain times, or for those of you who use online bill pay, you can add Mt. Tabor as a payee.


Reggie McGee

Chairman of the Board